Tuesday, August 18, 2009

America continues to drill for oil elsewhere.......but not in America.

Tell me if something is wrong here. America will not allow private industry to drill for our billions, of billions of barrels of oil in the United States of America, but they will pay Mexico & Brazil billions of dollars for oil contracts, for their oil. Some is very, very wrong.

We have unlimited amounts of oil on our coastlines, we have oil up the zingzang in Alaska, just waiting to be tapped into at ANWR, which we need to drill for. We have companies wanting to drill all across America, even in the mountains of Colorado, Utah, and other states......with tons of oil just waiting to be tapped into. Even if the states wanted to let companies drill for the oil, the damn federal government just will not allow them to, in direct violation of the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, the United States of America is lending billions to Brazil, to finance exploration of a huge offshore discovery in Brazil, while we know we have billions of barrel's of American oil in the Northern slopes of Alaska. Does this make any sense?

This is like having an North Carolina industry of fireworks (hypothetical), with hundreds of firework store owners ready to amp up productions, however higher taxes on businesses across North Carolina are starting to hurt their business, so the state of North Carolina, which raised the taxes are preparing for Fourth of July celebrations, and complain to the business owners that their prices are to high, so they buy fireworks from Virginia.

While different situations & circumstance between fact & fiction as mentioned above, the same principle remains - we have American oil, which American oil companies want to drill in, which states want to open up, and which Americans want now! However, the government is giving billions to fund exploration in Brazil, while we know where billions of barrels of our own oil is located.

Does the federal government make any sense, any more? Actually, did they ever make sense?

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innominatus said...

Dunno if you read Hot Air, but they're also reporting that our good buddy George Soros made a big stock move on Petrobras, the Brazilian oil company that coincided with Barry's $2billion pledge. Somebody in the comments said Soros made $600 million today on that deal.

What a bunch of pigs.

Anonymous said...

As you should know, because they are drilling elsewhere just means that when everything runs out elsewhere we can charge more money for the oil. Id say that makes sense not to mention drilling elsewhere brings business helping with other countries(that are not first or second world countries) economies and in the world picture not just the U.S. Its all about the money.