Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Does Specter read the polls?

Senator Specter (T-Traitor) of Pennsylvania has said that opposition to the Obamacare plan have the Constitutional right to protest, however they are not the "representative of America". You have got to be kidding to me.

Pick a poll Senator, any poll. How about the latest Rasmussen poll? Where over 50% of Americans are against Obamacare, with very strong feelings about the subject, or how a majority of Americans view the protesters of Obamacare very highly, or about where Americans are devoutly against a socialized system.

Specter has become a disgrace to the title of Senator, he is a whore who sells out his votes & soul to the winning political party, he claims that Americans who are apart of the overwhelming opposition do not represent the views of America, or are not the "representatives of America". For a man who sells his soul based on polling data, it is really interesting that he cannot understand these polls, the polls that show the American opposition is growing everyday against Obamacare.

Not to mention, considering Specter is losing more & more ground to Republican Pat Toomey every day, this is not the time to insult the Citizens of your home state, somehow Congressman Murtha got away with that, however Specter is far more hated by the voters of the Keystone state, and has been on the slumps for well over a year now.

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