Wednesday, August 12, 2009

For all in New Yorks 21st congressional district.

The Schoharie County Young Republicans are petitioning the local Congressman to hold a Town Hall meeting to discuss health care with local residents in the 21st congressional district in New York, our petition states :

To: Congressman Tonko

We the citizens of the 21st congressional district, in the state of New York, in the United States of America, hereby petition for the joint interests of debate, and Democracy that Congressman Paul Tonko hold a public town hall event in the County of Schoharie, to discuss health care, and the concerns which the citizens of this congressional district may have, to be voiced.

The citizens of the United States have many questions either in opposition or in support for the health care legislation currently in the United States House of Representatives, we the citizens believe that the men & women which we hire to represent us in the United States Congress, should hold meetings to talk face-to-face with their citizens.

We the citizens, call for a town hall meeting to be called for, before the August recess ends in early September.

In the interests of America, an honest debate, and Democracy, we call for Congressman Tonko to call for this meeting.

Sincerely, "

So, anyone who lives in the 21st congressional district in NY who agrees with the above, please sign this petition, and send it along. Thanks.

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