Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Has Eric Massa committed political suicide?

The 29th congressional district in New York state is a hard study, the district is a very Conservative, very Republican district, however elections between Republican & Democrat congressional candidates has only been down to the wire. As Republican Congressman Randy Kuhl defeated Democrat congressional candidate Eric Massa by 6,000 votes in the 2006 election cycle, and Democrat Congressman Eric Massa defeated Republican Congressman Randy Kuhl by just 5,000 votes in the 2008 election cycle. Plus with the Political index, R+5, the 2010 election cycle is a guarantee tough election.

Enter Eric Massa voting record.

He supported the pork-filled stimulus package, which is highly unpopular.
He is opposed to everything Conservative, and is even more radical then the current Obamacare plan, which is radical as you can get.

His record alone could cost him the seat, however some are debating whether this comment will seal the deal for good "I will vote adamently against the will of my constituents.”, later adding if he thought the legislation would help them, hey Congressman......total takeover the the private sector health care industry, higher taxes, etc...is not helping.

On principle, I believe a Congressman has the right to have a different opinion & thus vote differently then what his elected citizens want, however on a issue which would destroy the United States health care system, raise taxes sky high, cause more job losses in the future, destroy Capitalism in this Nation, give the government even more control, and several more items as well, you should listen to your constituents, especially with election time just over 14 months away.

I hope to God the Republicans can win back this seat, I hope they use the above quote against him, however is this political suicide or just another nail in a very short congressional career? You be the judge. I personally believe this is just another nail in the very short congressional coffin of Congressman Massa, and hopefully the beginning of a bright Conservative one.

Doug Powers, believes it is political suicide - http://dougpowers.com/2009/08/18/caught-on-tape/

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