Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Left-wing nutjobs take "Bible teaching in Texas" out of context.

When in doubt, left-wing fools will always prove how foolish they are, especially at the Daily Kos. See, the state of Texas passed a law, adding a new electives course to the already large list which exists, this one teaches the Bible. I have personally read the legislation of which this new course was created, this is not a forced course to force religion down the throats of students, this does not prohibit other religions from being studied, it clearly gives the option (may I also add, the students choice whether or not they want to study the Bible) for the Bible to be a course, for historical reasons.

Now towards the insanity of the Daily Kos, "This is serious, folks. The Talibangelicals are taking over public education in Texas and other states around the country. This forced stupidity they want to bestow on children will only further ensure that the United States’ children, already some of the dumbest in the Western world (and don’t forget China, Japan, India, etc.), will only fall further and further behind their peers".

1.Talibangelicals? Being an Evangelical Christian, and knowing the taliban is the United States largest enemy, this disappoints me.

2.Taking over? Forced stupidity? BONEHEADS, this is an elective course, which the students decide whether or not they want to be involved.

3.The reason American children are falling farther and farther behind their peers, is because of the current public school system, history is nearly a part of the past, my own Niece hardly knows about the Texas Revolution, they have become breeding grounds for trouble, and idiotic teachers.

4.How is teaching American children about their heritage, the history in the Bible, how it has effected this Nation, and the religion itself cause a bad problem? Considering this is not forced, does not violate any laws of any such (don't give me the freedom of religion argument, because anyone who does not want to take this course, has the freedom not to attend) this is a good course by all regards.

Please read the law for yourself, http://www.legis.state.tx.us/tlodocs/80R/billtext/html/HB01287F.htm

Little Green Footballs 2.0 take on this subject,

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