Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christie Victory in NJ Sends a Message to Obama

By now you have heard the news, Republican Chris Christie has won the race for governor in New Jersey. The race was both tight and difficult, but Christie won out over slimeball Gov. Jon Corzine. But there is more to this victory than a simple seat at the highest office in New Jersey.

For the last couple of days, President Barack Obama has been campaigning for and with Corzine. He gave speeches, he had photo ops, and even gave idiotic quotes about "selective memory." Well, as election 2009 comes to an end, it looks like the voters have selective memory too, Mr. President.

You see, regardless of Obama's cult of personality status amongst die-hards, the tides are turning for him with independents and even some Democrats. The "prestige" he lent Corzine was nothing more than a few words and a few jabs at Republicans. Corzine still lost by five percent, and imagine for a second if he didn't have the President's support.

The thing is, Christie's victory sends a message right to the White House steps. The President can no longer lull people to sleep with empty words and broken promises. He can no longer blame the Republicans for the Democrats' problems. And the cult of personality that got him into the nation's highest office is fading and losing luster as fast as he breaks campaign promises.

Congratulations, Mr. Christie, rule New Jersey well.

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Mr. K said...

Christie will do a good job, it is nice to a see a big time scumbag go down.

Michael Avitabile said...

You know it, Mr. K

Mr. K said...

Next stop - The New York Gubernatorial election next year.