Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bloggers - 2012 Presidential election, a Conservative perspective, and the reasons I am a blogger.

2012 Presidential election

From the moment Senator McCain announced his campaign for the Republican nomination in 2007, he was destined to be the eventual Republican nominee. Senator McCain was not just the right candidate in the right Presidential election, his record on National defense, social Conservatism, and his amazing trials and tribulations as a Prisoner Of War, was not something a fellow Republican candidate would be able to overcome.

The 2012 Presidential election is different, we have no destined candidates of Republican fame who will rise to the podium during the Republican convention in late Summer 2012, and the Conservative blogosphere has no one candidate we are all rooting for. Take for example Jumping in Pools, The Libertarian Republican, and The other McCain -

I support Senator DeMint running for the Republican nomination, Matthew Avitabile (the boss) is a known fan/supporter of Governor Jindal, though it appears Governor Jindal has no intentions of running for President, Senator DeMint is unknown as of now. Eric Dondero at the Libertarian Republican appears to have two favored candidates, Governor Palin of Alaska and Governor Johnson of New Mexico. R.S. McCain is a tough one to crack, however, it appears he is sweet on Governor Palin, and 2008 Libertarian Vice-President candidate, Wayne Root could also secure his vote.

With all of the above in mind, the 2012 Republican primaries will not be won with the largest war chest, or the smartest campaign managers, the Conservative blogosphere will have significant influence on the minds and votes of millions of perspective voters in 2012, there is just one problem with that.

The Conservative blogosphere is a house divided against itself, as hundreds of blogs, offer even more opinions on the upcoming Republican primaries, leaving us with blogosphere primaries, as Conservative pundits attempt to turn their support of one Republican candidate, into a talking point for that campaign, and thus winning the minds of readers who happen to be voters.

Conservative perspective

It has been announced, that Tucker Carlson will be launching a new Conservative site in the coming weeks, to become a vessel of original Conservative reporting, and to rival the evil, liberal, disgusting Huffington Post, I have ignored the situation for the most part, however, it is time to lend the opinion of a certain Conservative who has numerous opinions.

Tucker Carlson is best described as a "MSNBC Conservative", one who skipped the 2004 Presidential election because of frustration with President Bush, flip flopped on the War in Iraq, admitted to voting for Ron Paul's Presidential election in 1988, and is now the man to lead the Conservative revolution in investigative reporting.

Sounds like a man looking for a something, instead of being apart of something. I am not amused with the creation of Tucker Carlson's website, as I am a fan of numerous blogs, and thus I have no need for his investigative reporting, when the Conservative blogosphere has been on the ball during the 2009 legislative session, exposing liberalism and the Obama administration, without the help of investigative reporters.

Reasons for being a blogger

  1. The 2008 elections were depressing at the least, thus I decided to do something about it, and I discovered this local blog in December of 2008, this has since become the Mr.K soapbox on current domestic and foreign affairs, unless Matthew Avitabile decides I have lost it for the last time.
  2. I love writing. Period.
  3. I have nothing else to do, the economic situation of the United States is in complete disarray, and this is a reliable source of 20 bucks a month.
  4. I have nothing else to do, thus I send emails to Conservative bloggers harassing them for linkings, thus I need a blog to do so.

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Eric Dondero said...

$20 a month? Where does that come from? Are you all actually making a little bit of money blogging?

What's the secret?