Friday, December 18, 2009

Senator Nelson opposes fundamentals of Obamacare.

Senator Nelson (D - Nebraska) not only opposes the Democratic legislation on the issue of federal funding for abortions, according to numerous amendment votes over the past several afternoons, he also opposes the fundamentals of the legislation, which could provide the final nail Republicans, Conservatives, and Americans have been searching for.

Gregg amendment, 2942, to prevent medicare from being raided for new entitlements and to use medicare savings to save medicare.

Senator Gregg's (R - New Hampshire) amendment was defeated, however, three Democrats joined the entire Republican caucus in supporting the amendment, leaving Senator Bayh of Indiana, Senator Nelson of Nebraska, and Senator Webb of Virginia as the lone Democrats supporting Medicare from being raided.

Thune amendment, 2901, to eliminate new entitlement programs and limit government control over the health care of families.

Senator Thune's (R - South Dakota) amendment was defeated, however, 51 Senators supported the amendment compared to just 47 opposed. All Republicans present, including 12 Democrats supported the amendment to eliminate new entitlement programs to limit government control in health care, among those supporting the amendment were Senator's Bayh of Indiana, Landrieu of Louisiana, Lieberman of Connecticut, Nelson of Nebraska, and Webb of Virginia.

Murkowski amendment, 2836, to ensure patients receive doctor recommendations for preventative health services, including mammograms and cervical cancer screenings, without government or insurance company bureaucrats.

Senator Murkowski's (R- Alaska) amendment was defeated, as just one Democratic Senator would join the Republican caucus in supporting this common sense amendment, that would be Senator Nelson of Nebraska.


Senator Nelson is not just an inconvenience holding out for one change in the health care legislation, he is opposed to this legislation on numerous grounds, as he has supported the return of Medicare advantage, the limitation of government control over the health care of families, and he was the lone Democrat in support of removing bureaucrats from health care decisions between the patient and doctor.

This is not just a man obsessed with one issue, he is opposed to the fundamentals of the health care legislation altogether. We need to keep the pressure of Nelson, he could be our last chance of defeating this legislation, short of Sanders or Burris joining our opposition because it doesn't have enough government involved, now that would be strange bedfellows.

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