Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Specter v. Griffith, battle of the media.

Besides the fact Congressman Griffith joined the Republican caucus yesterday, it is time to look at the media response, because I remember when Senator Specter jumped ship earlier this year. Calls about the end of the Republicans as we know that, praises of Senator Specter having principles, and demands that the Republicans dump our Conservative ideological beliefs.

Guess what? Congressional Republicans are stronger than ever, Senator Specter has been exposed for being nothing more but a congressional prostitute, and our Conservative ideological beliefs is the reason for the Republican lead in all of the generic congressional ballots.

Now that Congressman Griffith has jumped ship to the Republican side of the political spectrum, how will the Main Stream Media report this? Will the Main Stream Media blame dire political chances for re-election in his Republican district? Will the Main Stream Media call Congressman Griffith a traitor to the cause? Will the Main Stream Media admit the Democratic brand as lost its luster!?

While it does not matter what the media will or wont report, their response could be a barometer for the feelings of the Democratic movement as a whole, because once a lone member jumps ship, don't be surprised if more do the same. The Democratic agenda, movement, and political muster is sinking like the Titanic, while most of the leadership is safe on boats just a few hundred yards away, their leaving Conservative members of the caucus to drown.

As millions of Americans are preparing to celebrate Christmas, just take a few minutes of your time to watch the media response of Congressman Griffith jumping ship to the Republican side, because I guarantee it wont be the same as when Senator Specter did likewise earlier this year.

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