Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Massachusetts Senate election is in 4 weeks......

In just four weeks, Massachusetts will have a new Senator, and perhaps their best chance to have a Republican representative for the first time since the nineties, however, Republicans and the Conservative blogosphere will need to work hard to win this election, an election we can win for Republican Scott Brown, but it will take all of our efforts and support, much in the same fashion of the close election in New York's 23rd congressional district.

Republican Scott Brown, just one of a few dozen elected Republicans to the state legislature, was selected to be the Republican nominee with 89% of the vote, defeating a longtime token candidate who would have doomed our chances at winning, the moment his general election campaign started. Brown is a fiscal Conservative, who opposes government run health care in the United States Senate, cap & trade, supports a strong National defense, and the second amendment right to bear arms.

While a Republican under normal circumstances would have no shot in hell of being elected, we are not discussing a normal election. This election is taking place in just a few weeks, Republicans are united behind one candidate, the mood of America is anti-Democrat, and most Massachusetts voters are Independents.

With all of the above in mind, what could be the deciding factor for Scott Brown's campaign to be the first elected Republican Senator in decades? It could be one of the greatest Presidents in modern American, Ronald Reagan.

Believe it or not, Massachusetts supported Ronald Reagan in both of his Presidential bids for the White House, something no other Republican has achieved in a long time, and during a debate between the candidates last night, the Democratic candidate made a huge mistake.

The candidates all agreed that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the best US president during the first half of the 20th century. They disagreed, however, over Ronald Reagan’s effectiveness in the second half of the century.

“While everybody thought he was fun to have a beer with . . . I think that he did a great disservice to this country,’’ Coakley said.

“I have to respond to that,’’ Brown said. “He brought great pride to our country at a time when we needed it and helped to bring down the Soviet Union, Iron Curtain. Just to [say] go out and have a beer with him, that’s, I think, inappropriate.’’

- http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2009/12/22/senate_candidates_spar_over_health_care_climate_change/?page=2

Ronald Reagan brought "great disservice to this country", where was she during the eighties? President Reagan inspired great pride, he stood strong against the forces of evil around the world, his words brought down the Berlin wall, President Reagan brought America back to our free market economic principles, which created millions of jobs, created uncountable amounts of wealth for America, and freedom beyond what the American citizen had seen for decades.

Scott Brown defended Ronald Reagan against the smears of a radical liberal, I believe it is time, no it is our responsibility as Conservatives, to fight for Brown's campaign. Memo to the Conservative blogosphere, are you prepared to fight?

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