Thursday, December 17, 2009

Scott Brown - The Senate version of "Hoffmania".

Ever since the "liberal lion" passed away, I have been following the Massachusetts Senate race to replace him, and I have witnessed the Conservative blogosphere all but ignore the election altogether. That all changed last week, when Republican State Senator Scott Brown was selected to be the Republican nominee against the liberal Attorney General, whom was selected out of four Democratic candidates for the nomination.

Scott Brown is the best chance we have to win in Massachusetts, as 89% of Republicans selected him to be their nominee, he is a staunch fiscal conservative, is excellent on national defense, is pro-second amendment, traditional marriage, and favors some restrictions on abortions. Scott Brown is also not a Democrat, and in a state where Independents rule, that could be crucial come the final stretch.

Still, I have watched the Conservative blogosphere unable or unwilling to fight for Brown's campaign, as a small number of political blogs, including Jumping in Pools, Legal Insurrection, among others come to the aid of Scott Brown, however, the large momentum that is needed to stir national interest, has not occurred.

That is, until now.

According to the Boston Herald, Republican candidate Scott Brown has filed an ethics complaint, after it was revealed the operations director for the local SEIU used state resources to recruit local union members to support the Democratic candidates campaign, using government computers for political campaigning is illegal in Massachusetts, regardless if it was accidental or intentional.

This has fired up the Conservative blogosphere, as the long hated union has once again broke the law in one regard or another, this could spark the Senate version of "Hoffmania" for Scott Brown's campaign, a boost it needs with just a few short weeks to election day.

Scott Brown is a solid fiscal Conservative, who opposes cap & trade, government run health care, higher taxes, supports the use of oil, coal and nuclear energies, is opposed to illegal immigration, supports the second amendment, and would be a strong vote in support of our Veterans. This is a candidate we need to support, though the election is being held in Massachusetts, a strong Republican turnout, combined with high fundraising, and a little bit of luck, could lead to the first Republican Senator from Massachusetts in decades.

I ask all members of the Conservative and Libertarian blogosphere to join this effort, as we need to work hard for Scott Brown's campaign, all assistance is welcomed, however, bloggers who are located in the North East such as I am, we need to work twice as hard.

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Anonymous said...

Lt. Col. (Army National Guard JAG Corps for 30 years) Scott Brown can win this seat in Massachusetts (a third party candidate named "Joe Kennedy" will also appear on the ballot and siphon votes away from the Democrat). Can you imagine the shock waves leading into the 2010 election cycle that would cause? The special election is January 19, so get your donations in TODAY at! To Victory!!

Anonymous said...

Great article. I agree that there hasn't been enough momentum behind this potentially historic race. I hope you're right and the tide has turned because so many of us 'closet conservatives' in Massachusetts are tired of the tax & spend corruption in this State, and the seemingly groundless tradition of voting for whomever your daddy voted for 20 years ago, just because... If more people took the time to look at the candidates and the issues, Scott Brown would be a shoe-in.