Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Interview with Republican candidate for Congress, Edward Lynch (FL-19)

I just had the pleasure of interviewing Edward Lynch, a Republican candidate seeking the Republican nomination to challenge the Democratic nominee to replace the resigning Congressman Wexler in the United States House of Representatives (special election to be held in April). Lynch is a solid Republican who challenged Wexler last year without success, however, his hopes are high for the upcoming special election, and he deserves our support. This is the 34th in our interview series.

Tim Knight - Mr.Lynch, tell us a little about yourself and your campaign.

Edward Lynch - I was born and raised in New Jersey. I had a telecommunications construction company that I sold in 1999. I then moved down to Florida to raise my children. I was consulting for a company doing work at a VA medical center and I witnessed firsthand the filth, the corruption and the poor treatment of our veterans. I complained to the administration of the facility, which did not make me any friends, and got no place fast. So after a few attempts to get in touch with my congressman, with no success, I attended a fundraiser for him. I was not impressed with my children's congressman and when I found out that no one would run against him, I knew that I had to.

We finished 2nd to him in a 3 way race in 2008 and I have been working very hard giving voice to the people of district 19 since we did not have adequate representation. So far we have been responsible for shutting down businesses that were preying on our seniors, we have fought against the corruption and poor treatment of our veterans at the Miami VA, we have helped people get their medical records, we have fought against child trafficking and when the special election was scheduled on the last day of passover, I met with the governor to get it changed so that observant Jews would have an opportunity to vote.

TK - Mr.Lynch, Florida's 19th congressional district is a solid Democratic paradise, yet under special circumstances that could change, your thoughts?

EL - I don't think that we need to try to change it to a Republican district from a Democratic leaning district. We need to change it to an American district. One in which the people are informed about the truth of what is going on in Washington DC and how it really affects them and their children's future.

TK - Mr.Lynch, what issues are you running on?

EL -

That is always a tough question since there are so many issues that need to be addressed and that can be addressed at the same time. I would say that I am running to bring about real change in the way Washington does business, I am promoting smaller government, fiscal responsibility and making sure that we adhere to the constitution.

TK - Mr.Lynch, Florida's 19th congressional district is populated with Jewish Americans, will the weakness of President Obama on Israeli related issues help your campaign?

EL -

I believe that it will help our campaign to some degree. What I believe will help our campaign even more is the strong and steadfast support that I have shown for Israel for the past several years. I believe that we need to allow Israel to defend herself the way she sees fit and that we need to let the world know that we are going to back her play, 100%. That will make despotic leaders stand up and take notice.

TK - Mr.Lynch, special elections produce minimal turnouts, will that help or hurt your campaign?

EL -

That will help our campaign significantly. Especially given the fact that most people that show up to vote in special elections tend to be the grassroots supporters of which we have the endorsement of all the major players. Special elections in Florida have an historic average of 11% voter turnout. Palm Beach County over the past 10 years has had an historic special election voter turnout of 4.5%. This is a great opportunity for us to send a message to the rest of the country that Obama's coattails are not as strong as he would hope.

TK - Mr.Lynch, the United States is in trouble, what is your prescription?

EL -

Get real people elected in office that understand that our nation faces serious problems and that we need serious people who are willing and able to champion our causes and give voice to district 19.

TK - Mr.Lynch, if elected to the House of Representatives, would you join the Republican Study Committee?

EL - I would have no problem joining the committee based on what I know about the group and its' members.

TK - Mr.Lynch, what can the average American do to help your campaign for Congressman?

EL -

The average American needs to understand that our special election is going to be the first test of Obama's coattails in 2010 and there will be a lot of eyes on this race nationally. We need Americans from all districts to invest their money into taking back our nation and our government from the corrupt politicians who have a radical agenda and are indebted to special interest groups. We need people to blog about us and get the work out. When we win this election, we will send a serious message to the rest of the nation that 2010 is going to be a great year for America. This election can set an example for the rest of the nation.


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