Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Case for Obama's Resignation

Senator Barack Obama promised unity if he were to be elected President. Despite his short tenure in office as the junior Senator from Illinois, supporters soothed a nation with promises of unbridled competence to carry out meaningful and constructive changes.

All of this came over a year ago. On November 4, 2008, Obama and his many supporters got their wish and he was elected the 44th President of the United States. Never mind that Obama spent less time in the Senate before running for President than JFK did in the House before running for the Senate (and JFK was a war hero).

Now in office, Obama's Administration is attempting to tout progress in various arenas. Instead, it appears that his policies are hardly helping the country.

On the economy, the President's team is trying strenously to claim that despite the poor conditions, Obama's policies steered the nation away from a cliff. Not only is unemployment at 10%, if there is to be an argument that the TARP policies kept the country from Depression, it was done on George W. Bush's watch. And considering that much of the stimulus funding has not even been spent, it would appear that it has helped not nearly as much as promised.

His foreign policy is a joke. Gone is the 'War on Terror' keeping the United States safe. Even a relatively simple task like closing the prison on Guantanamo Bay (shoot the prisoners, hello?) has become a never-ending quagmire. Yemen and Somalia are becoming terrorist havens despite Bush-era policies attempting to quash jihadism in both nations. Iran is getting close to a bomb and the Administration has failed for six months to stand up for pro-democracy protesters.

So here's what I'm positing. President Obama has not even finished his first term. According to the 22nd Amendment, if he were to resign before his first two years are up he could legally run for two full terms down the line. He should admit he was wrong and that he knew he didn't have enough experience or policy expertise to be President and resign. He could say that he's doing this for the good of the country. Considering he had enough time to play tennis and basketball for three days instead of reassuring the nation after the Christmas bombing plot, he should either review his priorities or consider packing up and rejoining the Senate.

Then he could be the man he promised to be.

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Editor said...

Sounds good to me. As long as no calls for impeachment arise, that just pisses me off.

Besides I would rather crush his re-election in 2012....

Harrison said...

This is absurdest stuff. I was just as tired under this talk with Clinton and Bush as under Obama.