Saturday, December 19, 2009

National defense purity.

With the 2010 congressional elections coming upon us, and a revived Conservative movement on the march to take back Washington, there is one issue which requires absolute "purity" amongst Republican candidates, as no exceptions can be made.

National defense.

Realizing their own established parties cannot win, Libertarians and Constitutionalists will be using the Republican name to advance their own political ambitions and agendas. While this could be considered as excellent news in the political sense, however, if the time for war was to be upon us, America could be endangered.

For the most part, Libertarians are excellent on economic related issues, yet disastrous on National defense related issues, due to extreme isolationism. While most Conservatives, Republicans, and Americans are supportive of the Armed Forces, winning wars, fighting all forms of terrorism, American strength across the world, a strong relationship with the Jewish state, and Bush administration tactics such as enhanced interrogations, warrantless wiretapping, etc.

Our Libertarian friends, place "civil rights" over "saving lives", "defeating Islamo-Fascists", and "enhanced interrogations". Now I cannot call all Libertarians weak, as Eric Dondero at the Libertarian Republican is a real trooper, Neal Bortz is not bad on National defense, neither is Senator Coburn, however, most are.

With Republicans poised to take back the peoples House next November, in control with little comfort, we cannot afford more Congressional Republicans who have the Ron Paul impression of the world that we live in, and we can no longer allow these types to campaign as Republicans, than govern as Libertarian-Democrats.

If Conservative activists and leaders in the Republican party want to establish "ideological purity" tests for Republican candidates, I would advocate for just one form of Conservatism to be included.

National defense.

Regardless of Republicans who vote for larger government, irresponsible fiscal policies, and other annoying votes which the Conservative base will protest and howl about (including myself). If a Republican legislator supports a strong National defense, and all of the positive positions which entail, I will unquestionably support that candidate.

What say you, the humble reader?

Weak Republican candidates seeking office, who should be defeated by strong Republican candidates

    • Congressman Ron Paul is seeking the Republican nomination once more, it is about time we send him to a well needed retirement, and replace him with a strong Conservative Republican, who will vote to defend this Nation.
    • John Dennis is running for the Republican nomination to challenge Speaker Pelosi in California's 8th congressional district, however, on National defense his record is worse then hers. If another Republican is willing, the support will be present.
    • RJ Harris is seeking the Republican nomination against Republican Congressman Tom Cole in Oklahoma's 4th congressional district, while their views are identical on most issues, Cole is a reliable National defense Conservative, Harris is weak on National defense, weaker then Democratic Congressman Dan Boren from Oklahoma as well.
    • Congressman Chaffetz of Utah will be seeking the Republican nomination for his second term, while I like this Congressman on most issues, he is against the Afghanistan troop surge, and I would like to encourage the former Republican Congressman, Chris Cannon, to seek the nomination once more.

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Dan said...

So lets see. On the one hand, you want all of these Libertarians and Constitutionalists to vote Republican and stop costing GOP candidates elections by voting third party.

But, on the other hand, once these folks are brought back into the GOP fold you want to defeat any efforts by them to elect Republican candidates who support their views. Yeah, that seems rational!

P.S. America and its strong defense should support its interests first and only. A strong Jewish state is no more important to us than a strong Canadian state.


A patriot without dual national loyalties who puts America first and foremost.

Editor said...

Pro-defense is the most important issue-- Mr. K hits it right on the head

Anonymous said...

You are completely correct! National Defense should be a huge priority for Republicans!

Dana Walsh is running for Congress in the 8th Congressional District in San Francisco against Nancy Pelosi.

Dana Walsh is very strong on National Defense!

Check out her website at: