Monday, December 28, 2009

Vote GOP - the reasoning.

I have been calling for Americans to vote Republican!, over the last several months. The main reasoning has been simple, Republicans offer the best chance to defeat a socialistic democratic agenda and the political candidates who run on that agenda, and voting for a candidate who has no chance of winning or will usher in the same results, is a wasted vote.

According to a fellow blogger and longtime member of both the Republican and Libertarian parties, who agrees with me on the basis that voting against Republicans is a wasted vote, I need to offer bulletproof reasons for political outsiders to feel welcomed from the Republicans, and that is the lone chance of winning them over.

Reason number one - Of the two major political parties, just one of them advocates freedom on all levels. Just one is willing to cut the size of government, as well documented in several states. Just one believes in Capitalism without question, and the Constitution as a solid document.

Reason number two - Just one of the two political parties is a friend to the second amendment, first amendment, and all of the amendments. Without a question, just one is not afraid to defend America at all costs, regardless if your personal beliefs allow it or not, we are a safer Nation because of political leadership from one of the national parties.

Reason number three - When it comes to Congressional elections, Gubernatorial elections, Presidential elections, and all other elections on all levels of government, just one of the two major political parties offer a chance to defeat a socialistic democratic agenda, and to restore a Capitalistic Republic back in the balance.

Reason number four - Which of the two national political parties opposed stimulus legislation, health care legislation, cap & trade legislation in the House, the destruction of Capitalism legislation, the proposed budgets for the various departments and government as a whole, and as supported Capitalism as a whole, without one question.


Some will attempt to paint the two major parties as one of the same, but that is incorrect. Democrats are pushing this horrific socialistic agenda, Democrats are the ones ignoring the United States Constitution without a thought of ending such a ruthless assault, Democrats pose a threat to National defense, not Republicans.

While minor political parties are viable in New York, on a nationwide scale, just one can offer us freedom, a solid platform to oppose the socialistic democrats, and keep America safe, that would be the Grand Old Party.

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