Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The one thing.

We can debate the reasons for the and results of Congressman Griffith joining the Republican caucus all night long, however, could we please focus on the most important item from this interesting news? The Democrats are no longer the leading political movement or brand in American politics, their members in vulnerable districts are feeling the pressure, to the point of joining the Republican opposition.

While Congressman Griffith could be the worst Republican since Senator Chafee of Rhode Island, the Democratic brand is toxic enough that to be even associated with it, in one of the longest Democratic held districts in America, that it means the end of your political career, then we are in better shape than I thought. This is great news, regardless if Griffith is the Republican nominee or if another Republican receives the support of the base next November, it signals weakness in our enemies.

ALSO, could the Conservative blogosphere back off Senator McConnell and the Republican leadership? It is Christmas time, just like the American people, their thoughts are with being around friends and family, not being stuck in Washington, unable to achieve our own goals.

There is nothing more Senate Republicans can do, this fight will continue in the House of Representatives, we should just be proud of stopping the legislation in 2009, and prepare for a long 2010.

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