Saturday, December 26, 2009

Serious action needs to be taken.

A lone terrorist launched an unsuccessful attack on a commercial airliner yesterday, as the flight was descending towards Detroit. Due to a combination of faulty wiring, heroic passengers, and Providence, another terrorist attack on American soil was thwarted.

There is a new element we have to consider when examining this attempt, the commercial airliner was not a domestic flight, it did not originate in the United States, the terrorist boarded the terrorist bound airliner in Nigeria, its point of origin, and the airliner would also make a stop in the Netherlands.

This is not good news for the United States, if a lone terrorist with minimal success can transport explosives from Nigeria to the United States, with a stop in the Netherlands, and he is never detected. What does that tell us about other airport securities across the world? It means at each airport across the world which does not have our focus on maintaining security, is endangering the United States.

Thus, I call on the United States of America, invested in a mission of securing our Nation and defending our Nation against all threats, to launch an three month commercial airline embargo against Nigeria and the Netherlands, in order to secure our homeland against threats across the world, and to force other Nations around the world to toughen up on security.

This is not a time to bicker, we need to stop all flights associated with Nigeria or the Netherlands from departing their airports for the United States. We need to send a message across the world, that America will not deal with threats to our Nation, and if weak security is to blame, than the originating Nation will be dealt with, accordingly.

I might be overreacting, however, I would rather keep a few thousand Dutch out of America for a few months, than allow for the possibility of one more terrorist.

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