Thursday, December 31, 2009

Massachusetts Republican group raising funds for poll.

For weeks, I have been waiting for a polling firm to release data on the Massachusetts Senate race, well some folks are tired of waiting. The Red Mass Group is attempting to raise 10,000 dollars, in order to commission a poll asking the voters of Massachusetts about the upcoming Senate election, and to see where Brown's campaign stands as of now.

While, I cannot speak for Jumping in Pools as a whole, I support this effort one hundred percent, and I am prepared to donate $20.00 dollars to the effort.

This is also another sign of the times, the Conservative blogosphere is no longer content with waiting for others to poll the voters, we are now prepared to commission our own opinion polls, for the sake of knowing where we stand in Massachusetts, and I hope the blogosphere has a whole supports this effort, because silent rumors indicate that Brown is in the lead, but we have no official confirmation. has more information on the proposed poll. I have also sent an email to the organization, asking for more information, and will update this post when more information is available to me.

Also, according to an email I just received from a political blogger in Massachusetts, a major political polling firm is releasing a poll next week, stay tuned, and the word from the blogger - Democrats are not fired up or not voting, and Republicans and Independents are fired up and prepared to visit the polls.

Also, a relative in Massachusetts who was not voting, has agreed to vote for Scott Brown, as long as I remind her. Let the Brown Brigade roll on strong!

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Why am I called a Communist scum when I tell people I'm from Cambridge, Massachusetts?