Friday, December 18, 2009

Senator Webb wants re-election, I want freedom.

In other words: Count Webb as a Democratic "yes" vote on cloture for ObamaCare, although his vote on final passage of the bill is purely a function of whether Harry Reid needs him to get to 51 (which is unlikely). Either way, if challenged about his votes in 2012, his votes on various amendments provide him with a chance to play it both ways.


This is the difference between liberals and Conservatives. Liberals are concerned with re-election to another term in elected office, Conservatives are concerned with what is best for America, and above else - freedom. The lone reason Senator Webb is in office, has to do with false race allegations made against his Republican opponent, and one term Senator, George Allen.

Virginia has shifted with a vengeance to the Conservative cause, I have a feeling in 2012 the state will once again support the Republican nominee for President, and if a solid Republican runs for Senate, I have a feeling Allen will be unemployed. I would like to see Governor elect, Bob McDonnell run for Senate in 2012, so he can extend the Conservative revolution across the Potomac.

For now, I would advise all Virginians to contact Senator Webb's office, and if you're up for a trip across the Potomac, I would suggest visiting the Senators office, perhaps watch a session in the upper house of the United States Congress, while visiting Independence Hall and thanking God those who are in Congress now, were not around back in 1776.

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