Saturday, December 19, 2009

New York is the least happiest state in America.

According to some college educated nimwits, New York is the least happy state in the Union, does that surprise them? New York has had two of the worst possible Governors over the past three years, taxation on the populace is increasing, hundreds of thousands of citizens are leaving for other states, the United Nations is in our state, and the representation of the New York legislature favors the cities, while leaving those in the rural areas with insignificant representation.

Not to mention, Islamo-Fascists murdered thousands of New York citizens just a few years ago, the Obama administration is now sending the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks to stand "civilian trial" just a few blocks from the attacks, and our federal representation consists of Congressman Rangel, Senator Schumer, and numerous other Liberal idiots.

Conservatism is left at that door, Democrats have completed control of our politics, the schooling is less than brilliant, and even ACORN is well represented via their own political machine in the Working Families Party.

Government continues to grow each second, minute, and hour of our lives in this state, leaving millions of freedom loving citizens afraid to read the legislative reports, news, and happenings from the state government, in fear that another right has been devoured, another freedom destroyed.

In conclusion, New Yorkers are bitter citizens, we just long for good times, low taxation, a state based on prosperity instead of welfare.

New York is the 51st least happiest state.
Connecticut is the 50th least happy state.
New Jersey is the 47th least happy state.
Massachusetts is the 44th least happy state.
Rhode Island is the 42nd least happy state.
New Hampshire is the 28th least happy state.
Vermont is the 17th happy state.
Maine is the 10th happy state.

Consider this, the North Eastern region of the United States has the least religion of all regions in America, all are undoubtedly liberal besides for Maine and New Hampshire, and all are taxed to death, what is there to be cheerful about?

Also......Louisiana is the happiest state in the Union, in fact eight of the happiest ten states are all Republican.

New York named least happy state in United States -

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smitty1e said...

What's the reference for this? Did I miss the link?

Harrison said...

varsity lakes said...

NYC is not representative of the entire state. Most of Upstate New York is impoverished, and things like highway maintenance tend to go by the wayside.