Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Congressman Griffith announces switch to Republicans.

Congressman Parker Griffith (Alabama's fifth congressional district) has announced his intention to leave the Democratic caucus, and become a member of the Republican caucus instead. Considering the Democratic leadership has been in power for just eleven months, and Conservative members of their caucus are beginning to jump ship, Democratic strategists must be concerned.

Every vote counts. And this is a good one (or is he? see updates below).

Politico reports that Alabama Democrat Rep. Parker Griffith will switch parties today. He’s a defender of grass-roots activists who protested at town halls over the summer and a cancer doctor who passionately opposes a government health care takeover.


While, Congressman Griffith is not a Conservative on all issues, he is a welcoming sign for the Republican caucus, as several months ago Senator Specter joined the Democratic caucus after three decades with Republicans, the Main Stream Media had fun with that affair, I wonder what the response will be this time?

This is good news for House Republicans, our 2010 electoral chances across the Nation, including the southern United States, and it means congressional Democrats are pushing their agenda so hard to the left, members of their caucus are not prepared to sacrifice re-election hopes for an out of control agenda.

Regardless of who the Republican nominee is next November in Alabama's fifth congressional district, Republicans in the congressional district have to pleased, this shift represents the beginning of the American electorate back to Republicans, though it will be interesting to see if Alabama Republicans support Griffith or another Republican seeking the nomination.

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1 comment:

Harrison said...

In the House it doesn't matter too much due to the huge Democratic numbers. In the Senate, when Joe switched, it was a big deal. I wouldn't read much into this one. After all, the guy has been pro-life his entire life and the Dems are not exactly known as a party that supports that.