Thursday, December 17, 2009

The corruption of Congressman Moran continues, how to stop it.

Authors note - Matthew Berry is a dedicated fiscal Conservative, National defense Conservative, and was a Law Clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarance Thomas. This Republican is the real deal, we must support his campaign against Congressman Moran.

Several weeks ago, I introduced the Conservative blogosphere to Matthew Berry, a Conservative Republican who is seeking the Republican nomination, to challenge Congressman Jim Moran (D - Virginia's eighth congressional district) in the general election next November. Well, with the campaign up and running, Berry has released an interesting study about Moran receiving 80,000 dollars from companies or individuals associated with companies that have received pork barrel funding, due to Moran's efforts in Congress.

In one example from the study, Jim Moran requested an earmark of $3 million for the SyTech Corporation. Within months, Luis Armendariz of SyTech donated $3,800 to his campaign, and Brian Moran received $2,000 in campaign contributions. Moran‟s Federal Election Commission disclosure report claims that Armendariz is simply an engineer at SyTech; however, the company‟s website reveals that he is actually SyTech's Chairman of the Board, Secretary/Treasurer, and co-founder.

Congressman Moran made the earmark requests in question as a member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. Last month, respected political analyst Charlie Cook wrote that the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee smells like a cesspool, one that is threatening to foul the entire Democratic Congress. Several subcommittee members look as if they have been engaging in „pay to play,‟ with campaign contributions being accepted in exchange for earmarks and with government spending decisions linked to jobs or consulting deals for relatives and former staffers. Today's report provides ample support for Cook‟s observations.

- Read the full report,

With more awareness on the actions of elected Representatives, how various monies are rewarded to companies, organizations, etc. Congressman Moran should be investigated for political favoring, this kind of corruption needs to stop in one for or another, if it has to be through the voting booth during the 2010 elections, so be it.

Besides for the facts, that Congressman Moran is one the most liberal members of the Democratic caucus, he has compared Virginia Conservatives to the Taliban, and he insulted millions of Americans who do not want terrorists to receive civilian trials in the United States, he is also corrupt to the bone.

What can we do about it? We need to alert the media of this injustice, we need to send this to all Conservatives blogs on the Internet, and we need to support Berry's campaign for both the Republican nomination, and eventual victory in the general election.

This is our time to act, we can no longer look to protesting to make our points clear, we need to become involved in campaigns, vote for the best Republican candidates, and use all our might to defeat liberal Democrats, with corrupt Congressmen such as Jim Moran on the top of that list.

Berry for Congress -

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