Saturday, December 19, 2009

Well, on the brightside.

The Conservative blogosphere is depressed this afternoon, as it appears Democratic efforts on health care legislation will be strong enough to pass the legislation in the Senate, with the help of a large bribe for Senator Nelson of Nebraska. On the bright side, I do have some good news when it comes to the Copenhagen deal on global warming.

How one could have good news during this depressing afternoon, seems impossible. Being a good man of faith, I believe all is possible, and the good news is too good to contain.

There is one aspect of the Copenhagen deal the American public has forgotten, whatever deal is agreed to, it must pass the United States Senate, with 66 Senators in support. Considering the dreadful cap & trade legislation is dead in the Senate, I doubt the results of the Copenhagen deal will have a better response from the Senate.

Even if a few Republicans did break ranks, we have 35-36 solid Republicans (several Democratic Senators are opposed to cap & trade as well) who will oppose the Copenhagen deal without question, leaving the United States secured in freedom and sovereignty, for now.

President Obama has deep disdain for the United States Constitution, but the United States Constitution has deep disdain for the radical agenda of President Obama, and thank heavens the Constitution is the one that counts.

Also - even if a few global warming Republicans did support the Copenhagen deal, some could oppose the end results in the United States Senate, for reasons such as American legislators should be in control of what is written, and this deal/accord would sell our souls to the United Nations.

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