Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where do we stand on health care?

As we come closer to a vote on the Senate floor, where do we stand? Are all members of the Republican caucus opposed to the disgusting legislation, will Senators Nelson of Nebraska or Lieberman of Connecticut join our opposition, what tactics are Democratic lawmakers using to twist arms, and secure passage?

According to all accounts, both Republican Senators from Maine are in opposition to the Democrat proposed legislation, that would leave opponents of the destructive health care plans with 40 secured against the legislation, in addition to 176 Republicans who opposed it in the House of Representatives, an accomplishment in its self.

Senator Lieberman is in support of the legislation as it stands, however, as we learn more from the revised proposals, I would not be surprised if Democrats once again included a government option or an expansion of Medicare, but in all seriousness, the bill itself is a huge government option. Senator Nelson on the other hand, is still opposed to the legislation on grounds of abortion funding, and it was reported yesterday that the White House is threatening to close an Armed Forces base in Nebraska, if he does not cooperate.

As amendment votes continue on the Senate floor, the votes of numerous Democrats can be used as leverage when the final vote arrives, or as campaign tactics when their record is put on the ballot in a few years. The Republican proposed amendment last night, which failed 45-54, included five Democrats joining Republican ranks to eliminate the planned tax increases on Americans earning less than 250,000 dollars.

Senator Bayh of Indiana, Senator Cantwell of Washington, Senator Klobuchar of Minnesota, Senator Lincoln of Arkansas, and Senator Nelson of Nebraska supported the Republican amendment to remove tax increases on those making less than 250,000 dollars, how could one of these Senators vote for a final bill which includes these tax increases.

There is good news for opponents of the Democratic efforts, as Senator Nelson has now joined the Republican caucus on three amendment votes - he voted to restore the private health care option in Medicare, he voted to strip federal funding for all abortions, and he has now voted to remove tax increases from the legislation, that could be enough for Senator Nelson to once and for all oppose the legislation, however, being a Democrat.........

Overall, where do we stand?

40 Republicans are opposed to the legislation.

Senator Lieberman is in favor of the legislation, Senator Nelson is in opposition to the legislation.

The White House is threatening to close an Armed Forces base in Nebraska, costing the state 10,000 jobs, just to pass legislation which will force small businesses and big businesses across the land to fire employees because of increased costs to health care, the reasoning of insane individuals is pure idiocy.

We need to keep fighting, we need to keep touting the Constitution, it is the lone defense we have.

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