Sunday, December 27, 2009

Scott Brown, Sarah Palin, and National defense.

With just a few short weeks left, the Conservative blogosphere is beginning to cover the upcoming United States Senate race in Massachusetts, the best and perhaps the last chance to elect a Republican in the state of Massachusetts, for a long time. State Senator Scott Brown, the Republican nominee and one of a few members of the Massachusetts legislature who are elected Republicans, is building momentum as the election nears, and it is time for Conservative reinforcements to arrive.

Over the past few weeks, Brown has well documented the differences between the major political parties, and his two political opponents in the upcoming United States Senate election. Such as the fact, Scott Brown is the lone candidate who believes in a strong National defense, traditional marriage, is a longtime fiscal Conservative, and has showcased his talent of winning elections in Massachusetts, a miracle for a Republican.

As the debates have raged on, with the Democratic candidate attacking President Reagan, Scott Brown attacking the dreadful "cap & trade" scheme stalled in the United States Senate, and the Libertarian candidate wasting precious airtime, Conservatives across America have not done enough for his campaign. I am talking to the Conservative blogosphere, Conservative organizations, and Conservative Republicans such as Sarah Palin.

We have a candidate who can win, provide a real voice for the citizens of Massachusetts, and help defeat the Obama agenda in the Senate. Scott Brown being elected to the Senate would be a blessing, we would have 41 Republicans, enough to stop all Democratic legislation without question.

Here is a preview of Senator Brown :

“This is a hostile act of aggression against innocent American civilians. Treating it as a law enforcement matter minimizes the fact that we are at war,” said Brown. “Terrorists should be interrogated by military professionals, not allowed to consult with taxpayer-funded defense lawyers in American courtrooms.”


Sounds good to me!

Senator Brown is not the most Conservative candidate you will find, however, he is a strong Republican, strong fiscal Conservative, and an even stronger National defense Conservative. We need to back his campaign with all our might, that goes for all Conservative Republicans (Sarah Palin, Conservative blogosphere, talk radio) who want to end the Democratic agenda.

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Anonymous said...

it is an exciting time to be in Massachusetts. Scott's got a real chance, but we're gonna need all the lep we can get. Get on the phones, email friends, talk this guy up. Republican or Democrat he is clearly the best candidate for the job.