Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The greatest Conservative blogs of 2009.

With one of the longest years on record almost over (in regards to all of the evil legislation, Obama as President, the weakness, the pressure of local elections, local economics sucking, etc. ), it is time to reflect on some of the greatest Conservatives blogs over the past year.

Considering the Conservative blogosphere has done more journalistic reporting than the media could hope for, to select one blog or another to be the greatest Conservative blog of 2009 seems like a difficult task, however, being a hard core Conservative Republican blogger, someone has to win.

(5) - Drudge Report

Though the Drudge Report has not alienated liberals with a huge journalistic break through, the Drudge Report is the real media of modern America, as the news the media won't report, to the news the Conservative base cannot wait to digest, is all at one of the greatest websites, but the fifth best website of 2009.

(4) - The other McCain

I first heard of this blog about a year ago, when McCain received so little email, he had the time to respond to one I penned about Sarah Palin running for the Republican nomination, this blog has since grown to be one of the most respected, appreciated, and well liked blogs on the entire Internet.

(3) - Legal Insurrection

Known as a pilgrim in two dangerous forests - being a resident of Rhode Island, and being a professor in New York. William Jacobson, the owner of the well read blog, has done a damn fine job of exposing what is in the health care legislation, while maintaining his role as one of the earliest and strongest supporters of freedom in Honduras.

(2) - Michelle Malkin

Where could I begin? Oh, the Liberal blogosphere hates Michelle Malkin, MSNBC hates Michelle Malkin, "Dede" Scozzafava hates Michelle Malkin, Republicans who voted and act like Democrats, hate Michelle Malkin. Her website is one of the best, her pen is strong with wit and facts, and she is one of the most important members of the Conservative movement.

(1) - Big Government

No brainer. Just launched this summer, Big Government has exposed the criminal organization, ACORN for what their beliefs are, actions are, and their hatred for the law and morals. Featuring the brave Hannah Giles as one of their featured writers, this website is a leader in the fight against ACORN, one which will not end, until legal justice is completed.

Honorable mentions

Insta Pundit.
Doug Powers at the Powers that be.
Jumping in Pools.
Libertarian Republican.

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ndanielson said...

i can't believe HotAir.com didn't get a mention...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hotair.com is my favorite.