Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dondero defends Stein, attacks Paul.

The segment quickly turned into a shouting match. Paul called the United States "occupiers," and blamed the US for Muslim attacks. Stein responded by calling Paul an "anti-Semite."

Paul also asserted that terrorist AbdulMutallab was motivated by American bombings of terrorist sites in Yemen two weeks ago. However, it's now being learned that AbdulMutallab and his handlers had planned the terrorist act, at least one month ago.

Since the spat with Stein, Paul has been receiving a great deal of praise and support from mostly 9/11 Truther blogs, Alex Jones sites, and of course, Lew Rockwell and

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I have long been a critic of Congressman Ron Paul, as his idiotic views on National defense are unbearable, and his labeling of all things disagreeable to him as "unconstitutional", is getting old real quick. Ron Paul is a pure embarrassment for Republicans across America, as he stands against our strongest portion in the Republican platform - a strong National defense.

Eric Dondero is not a fake Libertarian, and he has worked with Congressman Paul numerous times over the past two decades. While, I have disagreements with Eric Dondero, we agree on a few solid principles - Republicans are the best alternative to socialist democratic candidates, National defense is the most important aspect of the United States, and freedom.

Congressman Ron Paul is not a supporter of Republicans, Conservatism, our Founders principles, or even the United States Constitution for that matter. He believes in a weak United States, where our allies are dismantled, America is attacked without revenge or regard for preventing it, and our National defense is zero.

The fourteenth congressional district of Texas deserves proper representation from a solid Republican in a solid Republican district, which is the reason for this endorsement of Tim Graney's campaign for the Republican nomination. Tim Graney is a strong Republican, who believes in fiscal Conservatism, and a strong National defense.

Please visit his campaign site, , and lend your support for this fine American, instead of the stick your head in the sand lunatic.

Ben Stein defended the United States as he has done for years, the comment about "Anti-Semite" was taking out of context, and Congressman Paul and President Obama are one of the same in regards to National defense, we can replace one next November with a real defender of America, please do so Texas.

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Cheat codes said...

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Anonymous said...

Do you really believe putting up another Warmongering bible-thumping hypocrite neocon against Ron Paul will work? Why humiliate yourself again? We in Ron Paul's district know Ron Paul and are not suseptable to your Zionist warmongering drivel.

Tell the whole story. Dondero did work with Ron Paul many years ago, broke with him over the invasion of Iraq "weapons of mass distruction" issue and now resents him because he was right.

Bob D