Sunday, December 27, 2009

Iranian Police Kill Opposition Leader's Nephew, Four Others

Clashes between Iran's "security forces" and protesters continue to grow as the disputed election is still fresh in the minds of Iranians. Our Main Stream Media, continues to ignore the democracy movement in Iran, finding it more interesting to report on "Hollywood Couples that Make it Last." This is with the large exception of Fox News, which may not even be part of what we know as the MSM.

Well, maybe now they'll start paying attention. Fox News is reporting that the nephew of Iran's opposition party leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi, has been killed by Iranian police. Along with him perished four other protesters.

What can I say? Family members of Mousavi being murdered in the streets of Iran and the rest of the world is silent. Iran fights for democracy and our media closes its eyes. How have we come to this? Are we not the beacon of democracy for the world?

It is one thing to say that reports from Iran are difficult to obtain because of the Iranian government's lockdown on information. In fact, Fox's article mentions it specifically. But to say absolutely nothing is almost a crime in itself.

What can I say? I stand with the people of Iran.

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