Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just a question......

Authors note - There are thousands of topics I could write about right now, all of them would be a better investment of my time, however, since this is America, and since the Freedom to write about what ever the hell I want is still intact, I shall write the following with grace and wit.

The political blogosphere is a diverse soapbox of political ideals, ideologies and ideas. With the hundreds if not thousands of bloggers on the opposite side of the political spectrum, I cannot comprehend the reasoning of a sane individual for visiting the Huffington Post website, or listening to what Arianna Huffington has to declare, I just cannot.

Huffington is a blithering idiot. The lone reason we have ever heard of this disgrace, is because of her former husband, Michael Huffington who was a Republican representative in the House of Representatives for just one term, he would later reveal he is homosexual, and the two divorced.

That is the lone reason Huffington or her soapbox of socialist dribble is even acknowledged. On a related issue, Tucker Carlson is looking to form a new Conservative forum for investigative journalism, wanting to establish the "Conservative version of the Huffington Post", considering Carlson is not a real Conservative or a Libertarian in the first place, does it surprise the casual observer?

It could be just me, however, I have a conviction that the Conservative blogosphere should once and for all ignore Huffington, the absolute nonsense her soapbox produces on a regular basis, and focus on creating a national Conservative website based on Conservative investigative journalism, with a real Conservative at the helm.

Am I wrong? Please let me know.

Also, who would you rather have dinner with, the progressive numb skull Arianna Huffington or the homosexual Republican Michael Huffington? Even though I am a devout social Conservative, Evangelical Christian, and oppose the homosexual agenda on all grounds, I would rather have dinner with the former Republican Congressman who happens to be homosexual, instead of his evil straight wife.

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1 comment:

Harrison said...

Arianna's accent is annoying I'd choose Mike!