Saturday, February 21, 2009

Burris resign.

I agree with Matt on this, Roland Burris should resign as Senator from the state of Illinois, and a special election should be held. They should have had an special election in the first place, but pressure from Congressman Rush to appoint a black senator, obviously was to much for the democrats in Illinois to deal with. Burris was rightfully entitled to be seated, Blago was still the legal Governor of Illinois, and we still follow the Constitution in the United States (atleast, most of us do).

Burris should now resign, he is a disgrace, a low life liberal democract who will do anything and lie about anything to gain power. A special election should be held, the Republicans have been right be demanding a special election all along, perhaps now the right path will be chosen (I believe all Senators should be appointed in this situation, but the Illinois corruption has gone to far, a special election needs to be held).

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