Friday, February 13, 2009

Kim Jong Il Performs Another Miracle

News out of Pyongyand is showing that the glorious leader of the People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong Il, has created another amazing miracle.

Kim's miracles are well known in the Communist world, but their significance has been hidden in the capitalist-fascist societies. These miracles include making one loaf of bread into two by simply breaking it in half. Another miracle is when he "disappeared" after Western news reported a stroke, only to return again, silently thinking and drooling the drool of Marxist happiness.

But this time it was just another day in North Korea, as Kim got good weather for his birthday. Since the Marxists don't believe in a diety except Kim and his father, it was their work that this great day happened. The Telegraph out of Britain is running the story.

We must be shown once again of the great powers of Kim Jong Il and BEG for his forgiveness.

That is all.

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