Saturday, February 28, 2009

10 Reasons Why the Simpsons Have Sucked for 10 Years

10. Their unapologetic liberal slant.
9. It has become much too preachy.
8. Homer cries in nearly every episode now-a-days.
7. Too many episodes are "Ripped from the Headlines."
6. They beat unfunny jokes into the ground until you wish they were beating you unconscious.
5. Well, I think it's pretty clear that they've run out of uniquely original ideas.
4. Way too many guest stars who just aren't funny or relevant.
3. Why is Homer the centerpiece of the show now, and why is he a complete and utter moron (as opposed to when the show was good)?
2. You remember all those original and creative writers the Simpsons had, like Conan O'Brien? If you said "yes," you have a good memory.
1. Being number one for a long time just makes you complacent. Just like the last seven years of SNL.

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Anonymous said...

WAY more than 7 years of SNL.