Thursday, February 19, 2009

Game Review: Baseball Mogul

Now, I'm not the biggest gamer, but I know what I hate... and this game is not one of them. Released every year, the Baseball Mogul series is an asset to anyone who follows baseball.

You are able to become the general manager/owner of any team between the year 1900 and the present. You are able to build up a farm system, build a new stadium, set ticket prices, or whatever strikes your sports fancy.

There are a myriad of stats, and you can also play around with the stadium features to affect the players' stats. You are able to build up your dream teams or are able to relive the summers of your youth.

You can also be restrained by payroll and learn how to balance a budget while trying to keep a winning record.

There are a few drawbacks in the game, like not having more control over the farm system. There also aren't waivers or a Rule 5 draft.

But buy this if you can. It's cheap and worth it.

HOWEVER, it can be super-time consuming, so be careful.

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