Monday, February 16, 2009

The Jumping in Pools List of the Ten Worst Presidents

Sorry, Barack Obama isn't on this list (yet).

10. John Tyler- Almost had impeachment hearings against him.
9. Zachary Taylor- Died after just over a year in office, he was not astute of what one might call "politics."
8. Ulysses S. Grant- A Presidency filled with scandals hurt his view with the voters as a politician, but not a general.


Bill said...

You're dead wrong about Harding. The Teapot Dome scandal that broke after his death has besmirched the man's memory, but Harding handled the potentially devastating Panic of 1921 with skill, aplomb, and success- by going the Reagan route, not the imbecile FDR/Obama route.

Anonymous said...

How does dying within a month from taking office make one a "worst" president?