Saturday, February 21, 2009

DNC Owes Chicago Over $1 M

Chicago was chosen as the site of the big bash coinciding with President Obama's election in November. While it is unusual to have such a large and self-absorbed celebration for the election of a President, it was assured as a celebration of America.

Instead, the party reeked of arrogance and self-importance. And the DNC still hasn't picked up the bill, despite the city being in a deficit. Mayor Daley was fit to cram in as many well-wishers as possible on that night, without making sure that the bill was paid.

Considering the Obama campaign labeled itself as super-clean and far from corrupt, you would figure that they would pay for the expenses or at least prod the DNC. Instead:

In late October, Mayor Daley assured that the cash-flush Obama campaign would reimburse the city for every penny spent on the rally. "We have a financial crisis," he said at the time. "The City of Chicago could not afford $2 million on this because we're gonna be laying off people, cutting back. That [cost] would really be unfortunate. . . . It's a huge cost to the City of Chicago.

"This is not a presidential visit. . . . This is a political event, and they've agreed to pay for all those services -- all the expenses of that. ... It's costly, but they raised quite a bit of money. There's no [shortage] of money in that campaign."

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