Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Murphy does not vote that often.

Democrat Scott Murphy who is attempting to defeat Jim Tedisco in a special election on March 31st to retain the 20th congressional seat for Democrats, apparently as well as not paying taxes that well, does not like to vote that much :


Straight from the RNC:

“Murphy registered to vote in New York City in 1996, but from March 2000 until March 2004 he didn’t vote in as many as eight different elections.”

Gotta love that the Democrat candidate couldn’t even find the time to execute his civic duty. Maybe, he’ll think voting is important enough to vote for himself on March 31."

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I wrote this article today, about how Gillibrand is now turning her back on the 100% NRA rating and becoming more liberal on the second amendment and fiscal conservatism, how she is a hypocrite, and an update on the 20th congressional election :


When New York Governor David Paterson appointed little known Congressman Kirsten Gillibrand to the United States Senate, Conservative Republicans believed we might actually have a pro-second amendment, fiscal conservative representing New York in the United States Senate. We believed this because Gillibrand was rated 100% by the National Rifle Association on second amendment issues, and was a fiscal Conservative - as evidence by her no vote against the T.A.R.P bailout last October.

So much can change in just one month, especially in politics, as Gillibrand voted for the economic spending bill twice, and as this quote from an Associated Press story says, she has flip flopped on the Second Amendment :

>"Gillibrand has that her views are broadening as she moves from representing one rural district to the entire state. She has said she would work to fight gun violence while still protecting hunters' rights".

Gillibrand is a hypocrite.

A 100% rating from the National Rifle Association means your voting record believes in individual gunownership rights, self defense rights, and hunters rights - while affirming the right to bear arms each and every single vote.

Gillibrand now only favors hunters rights, because a Liberal gun lunatic from downstate is threatening to run against her in the 2010 Senate primary race because of the good rating from the N.R.A, she has sold her soul to the devil, and deserves to be voted out. We have enough anti-second amendment hypocritcal scum in Washington already, as well as representing New York state.

As for the 20th Congressional district seat she left behind, the Republican - House minority leader, Jim Tedisco, is the favorite to win over little known businessman tax cheat Scott Murphy, as he had a legislative record of sical conservatism, a 100% rating from the National Rifle Association , and a record of standing up to liberals on tough issues. Sounds a lot like Gillibrand, except Tedisco has principles, plus he would be moving from one Conservative district to representing another Conservative district, no reason to barter his principles.

Tedisco 09! Is all I can say.

The election will be held on March 31st 2009, the Republican National Committee, , and other Republican Conservative groups are looking at this election as very important, also as a keystone in reclaiming the United States Congress for the GOP.

In summary, Gillibrand is another liberal hypocrite hack, and the 111th United States Congress will have a new Conservative Republican in chamber"

I am pulling for a Tedisco victory, no doubt, but this election is vital to the Republican Party return back to Conservatism.

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