Friday, February 27, 2009

4 trillion dollar budget.

I write an article every day during the work week, I cover every political topic from the Conservative perspective that I can, sometimes I have so many topics - but so few articles to articulate my feelings. One subject I have not been able to discuss is Obama's 4 trillion dollar budget! This budget includes massive tax raises, massive tax reduction cut (like, you use to get a tax reduction if you donated to charity, not anymore!), government run healthcare clauses, etc. You name the Democrat drool bucket of all they have wanted, its in there.

Not only is this wrong on so many levels, but spending 4 trillion dollars during a horrible economic recession is just stupid in itself! Spending does not resolve recessions! THEY EXTEND THEM! The Congressional Budget Office, admitted that it would have been better if we did nothing instead of passing the massive pork spending act of 2009.

It just tears me up inside.

Question : When will Obama stop blaming Bush for all of our problems?
Followup question : How much into the term, will this finally become the Obama recession?
One last question : When can cartoonists, columnists, and jokers of all shorts - be able to finally make fun of Obama because of his idiotic economic decisions, without being called "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACISTS!"

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