Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama to Change Eagle on Presidential Seal to Golden Eagle

Washington, D.C.- In what the Obama administration is calling "a major change in US symbolism," President Barack Obama has voiced his support for a planned change in the Presidential Seal of the United States.

"The change in the seal is two fold," said Obama at a press conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. "First, it shows a clear and clean break with the past. We are moving forward into the future, and the past will no longer hold us back.”

“Second, the golden eagle will be a symbol of the wealth of the United States. It will show our wealth, our strength, our pride. And what’s more, it will still show our beloved eagle.

Citing support for the Golden Eagle coin, originally minted in the United States in 1986, Obama believes that Americans will be happy with the switch. “If we can put a golden eagle on our coins, it’s not a great leap to put it on the Presidential Seal.”

The proposal, which Obama plans to put before Congress in early March, could be enacted by late April. Tim Geithner, President Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury, says this plan is “delightful.”

“I’m hoping that the Golden Eagle will replace the eagle on the back of the quarter,” Geithner said. “The faster and more fully we implement this change, the faster it will become a norm in American society, and the faster the American people will accept the change.”

Judd Gregg, Obama’s choice for Commerce Secretary, is believed to be against the planned change. According to Tracy Hillenbrand, a secretary for Gregg, said that it was “possible” that his withdrawal of nomination was due in part to the projected change of the Great Seal and currency.

“He was upset, he was pretty livid about the change,” Hillenbrand continued. “He said that things don’t, and shouldn’t, work like this. It hurt me to see him so upset.”

“The American people can gather behind the new symbol of our country like masses following an energetic leader,” Obama summarized. -News

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