Thursday, February 19, 2009

Joe's Financial Pick of the Week

While you're drowning in the massive amounts of cash that I have earned you, why don't you take a minute and read about some of the ideas to make your butler rich. In fact, you can have your butler have butlers.

Joe's Pick of the Week:
Buying on Margin

With all of the talk of the stock market, you're trying to figure out how to jump in yourself. Well, my fine sir, let me tell you that the only way to invest in the stockmarket is to purchase on margin. Yes, but your house up for collateral and take out $5,000,000 in subprime loans and open up your newspaper. Put your hand over your eyes and with the other point at a stock in the business section. Foolish, you say? Bah! John D. Rockefeller once made $4.2 billion dollars by investing in a goat insemination corporation.

Buying on margin may seem like a bad idea, if you were born without the stockpicker's luck. Think of it, if you blew your family's life savings and your house, you could always get a new family. Or you could join the circus. I've done both, at the same time. So go out, take the world by the horns, and buy, buy, buy! You won't regret it.

NOTE- Don't invest in this, please.

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