Sunday, February 15, 2009

10 Reasons Why Obama Going on Vacation this Week is Actually a Good Thing

If you haven't heard, Obama's already going on vacation. Now, back to our list:

10. You'll just love those pictures of him playing basketball.
9. He'll have time to think about all the bad things he's done.
8. He''ll have time to sharpen his sporting skills, just in case Castro challenges him to a game of pick-up baseball.
7. While watching television, he might just happen on an episode of House, MD. Not that it's relative, but that's one awesome show.
6. After watching House, maybe he'll become a unsocial, SOB who is able to solve complex mysteries that trouble even the most astute. It's better than just being an unsocial SOB.
5. He'll spend time with his children; in that time there is a slight chance that he will realize that he's bankrupting their future.
4. Maybe, while watching the Basketball All-Star game, he will decide to leave politics and pursue a career in basketball.
3. He might discover the true meaning of love.
2. They say that Lincoln went home every month on vacation and played a lot of sports.
1. While on vacation, he can't screw up Washington.

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