Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama Approval Below 60%

Coming in with high ratings from the American people with the transition to the 44th Presidency, Barack Obama's star has fallen-- just a little bit.

Cruising in the public relations game with over 60% approval ratings for his first month in office, Gallup is reporting that President Obama's approval has fallen below that benchmark. While still over the all-important 50%, it may be a sign that the American public is beginning to become a little more uneasy with his initiatives.

Case study #1: President Obama states that he wants to slash the federal deficit by two-thirds. Instead, we're spending almost $2 trillion dollars since the beginning of 2008. While Obama wasn't President then, he was in the forefront on both previous stimulus/bailout bills. These debts are enormous considering our economy barely makes over $12 trillion a year.

Case study #2: The economy keeps falling. Despite all of the sweet talk and "brace for impact" by the government, the Dow is approaching 7,000. Unemployment will probably pick up more and we may be looking at 11% soon. The federal government could give hundreds of thousands of public works jobs in months. Still, no signs of that.

Case study #3: Gas prices are rising again. While they've been falling on the market lately, gas at the pump is up almost 10% since the President took office. The economy's been faltering, which should drive down prices. However, is this tied to the restriction of drilling signed by the President?

So where will the President's approval ratings be in a year? We'll find out, I guess.

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