Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blood on Obama's Hands

Tonight, the President will lean back in a chair in the Oval Office and think of the happenings of the day, ways to push the country forward, ways to push other countries back. In eighteen months, the President will lean back in that very chair with the blood of civilians drenching his hands; by that time, he will be responsible for the deaths of countless Iraqis.

So tonight he will make a speech here and make a speech there. He will tout his pullout strategy in Iraq, he will tell you all is well. He will say that he is saving American lives and affirming American interests. But he will not say that he is dooming thousands of Iraqis to poverty and sickness, death and destruction. No, President Obama will lean to you and smile, and say he is doing what's best for our country.

I suppose defeat and a timetable is what's best.

In eighteen months, President Obama will pull out the bulk of our armed forces in Iraq, regardless of word on the ground or victory's flame. The only way to make him change his mind are the votes of the people, the American people. For you see, they are always outcries of "No Blood for Oil," but rarely cries of "No Blood for Votes." The President will pull out our troops because it is politically convenient, because he won so many votes by saying he will end the "occupation." But I say to you mister President, no blood for votes.

The reason for extra bloodshed is simple common sense. Picture yourself as a terrorist in Iraq for a moment. It is seventeen months from now and you have a bomb and you intend to use it. But there's just one problem: extra security, extra awareness. So you have to plan when there will be less security, less troops, more chance of success. So you plan and you plot when the best time is to strike. But let me make it very simple; if you wait just a few days, or a few weeks, you will not have to contend with the United States' army. You know this because you have read the fliers and heard the news that in just a little while, the army will be gone. You will know when to strike; you will know where to strike; you will have the timetable to thank.

And there is the rub. The death of civilians, the death of innocents, the death of victory in Iraq. No thank you, Mr. President, I will not believe you when you say this is for the best. I can only say to you, no blood for votes.

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