Sunday, February 22, 2009

Joe's Scum of the Week!

Hello, ladies and gents, this is your ol' pal Joe C., MD. Sometimes I sit in my darkened room, with only the flicker of a computer screen giving me light. And then I get angry. Sometimes I get tired of being the nice guy, so now I've come up with this feature: Joe's Scum of the Week.

This week's piece of scum:
Keith Olbermann
After I gave my opinion on our foxy Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Keith Olbermann, who I like to call Keith Olber-Douche, dared to attack one such as myself. I am a lonely 19-year-old college student who happens to find Pelosi very, very attractive. I bide my time, looking at her alone, stroking my beard, wondering when I'll meet her.

Then, POW, right in the kisser! Out of no-where, Keith Olber-Scum attacked me in his show on MSNBC. What can I say to this ridiculous chicanery? Sit on my thumbs? Spend upwards of 20 hours on the internet a day? Air guitar in mid-air? NO! Keith Olbermann is my scum of the week, and I will not take this attack sitting down.
So, everyone, send this article to everyone you know. We must stop him; we must stop Keith Olbermann! Keith Olbermann says to be quiet, but I will not be silenced!

Joe's Scum Scale: 10 Buckets of Puke out of 10
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