Saturday, February 14, 2009

Death of our Republic.

The reason why the Founding Fathers created America into a Republic, instead of a democracy, is because all "democratic" nations fail, Republics are built on a representative form of government inwhich we have now. People would elect Congressman, and state legislatures.
State legislatures would elect Senators.
And electors, being the number by how many congressman and senators one state had, would elect the President and Vice President of the United States, then Congress would certify the election.

In essence, the people, elected representatives, and appointed electors would all elect the President, and run the nation.

But a democracy is dangerous, mainly for the reason - a charasmatic person could easily charm a majority of the electorate, that is something the Founders deeply feared. Which is why we have the Electoral college, a majority vote would put voter fraud and charasmatic candidates with the best chance to win every single time.

So, with a majority of America, enjoying the idiotic perks of a democracy, I believe our beloved Republic is dead, but I will never give her up.

Republic for America, or no America.

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