Friday, February 27, 2009

Europe to Give Gaza Over $500 Million

Yes-- I know. It appears that Europe just doesn't get it. Even after Hamas provoked a war with its democratic neighbor, Israel, Gaza will be receiving $552 million in aid from the nations of Europe.

But are we any better? Our own government has pledged almost one billion dollars in aid. This comes as we are building up a tremendous deficit. Should we really be spending on credit so that Hamas can buy some new rocket launchers? Something is creepy about this and we really need to get a grip.

Unfortunately, everything appears to be looked at in the eyes of "change." We've got some problems with these decisions, though:

According to the Voice of America, the Palestinian Authority is asking for almost $3 billion to rebuild Gaza. First: is the GDP of Gaza even approaching this figure? Would it be worth it to do this and spend all of this money to encourage the next war.

Second and far more important: the Palestinian Authority doesn't even control Gaza! Hamas does! How can the PA be asking for all of this money to rebuild Gaza when they couldn't even spend it on repairs or public works! Instead, some of this money would be stolen in the fashion of Yasser Arafat.

Third, if the money goes to Gaza, it would go to the Hamas government. Why would Europe or the United States directly or indirectly give money to a terrorist group, except out of weakness or stupidity.

Even if 1% of the EU's and the US's money goes to buy weapons, that's still over $15 million! That thousands of guns and millions of bullets! That's thousands of IEDs or grenades! How many Jews have to die because of our shortsidedness?

This is blood on our hands.

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