Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hypocrites - the Democrat party.

The Democrats famous line when it comes to Obama is, "just give him a chance, just give him a chance" Why would I give someone a chance who has socialist beliefs? Why would I give someone a chance who is 100% anti-second amendment? Why would give someone a chance who is 100% pro-abortion? Why would I give someone who chance who might want to listen to fellow Republicans but constantly remind them "I won"? Why would I want to give someone a chance who tells fellow Republicans "you can't listen to Rush Limbaugh, and get things done"?

I'll listen to whoever the hell I want, and sorry I am not willing to compromise my beliefs for Obama!

In 2006, the Democrats stood 100% against the Iraqi war, saying we will lose, we cannot win, our soldiers are murderers, breaching intelligence, etc. etc. etc.
The media said they we're patriotic for being against the Iraqi war.

Guess what, the real Patriots won the war. We defeated the terrorists in Iraq, drove them back, freed Iraq, and accomplished our mission in Iraq, all though we need to remain there - at least with some sort of presence, and not retreat all troops to risk all we have done.

So, shouldn't the Republicans be patriots for opposing the massive stimulus package that will never work, that one such as itself has never worked, and the debt has increased 1 trillion in just 26 days of Obama in office (it took Bush 8 years to add 4 trillion, lets see how many weeks for Obama to match that!).

Overall :

Iraqi war - a justified cause, the Democrats we're idiots and as far as I am concerned - traitors for opposing this war, and putting our troops and the mission down during hard times. We won this war, because of these young men, as well as because of John McCain and a smart group of generals.

Stimulus package - a massive increase-ment of government, that will do nothing, has in the past proven to have done nothing, and will not start now. Plus it has billions on pork, hardly any tax cuts (and what it has - is just 13 dollars a week tax cut OH BOY!!!!!!!!!)

The democrats are hypocrites, the Republican - at least a overwhelming majority, are consistent.

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Joe C. said...

Couple points:
1. Personally, as a Democrat abortion revolts me and I want Roe v. Wade overturned.
2. I think all rights have limits, and the right to own guns are no exception. I think law-abiding citizens should have guns but reasonable restrictions should be placed on owning a gun, like background checks and waiting periods.
3. You showed why you don't like Democrats, not that they're hyprocrites.

Editor said...

Joe C, what kind of a Democrat are you?