Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Joe's Technology of the Week

Surely all of you standing here have heard many-a-thing about this newest wonder of science and religion. Yes, borne from the fruit of the religious establishment comes our greatest contraption ever to rule the seven skies.

The Bi-Plane Aeroplane

Invented in 1903 by two mentally unstable bi-cylcing salesman, this contraption works by emitting rays of holiness into the atmosphere, causing evil spirits to leave. This effect makes the contraption float, by magickal science.

The aeroplane is projected to fly over 45 miles per hour. Any faster, and the pilot would most assuredly die. In fact, there is word that one aeroplane even flew higher than four yards! It is a wonder that that pilot did not have his testicles explode from the pressure!

So get, ready, Brittania. By 1905, you will be able to own one of these flying machines for under ten pounds. You will be able to give them to your children to fly to their friends houses or to firebomb the house of the local village gypsy.


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