Friday, May 22, 2009

2009 election cycle - A full look & preview.

Despite the fact 2009 is normally an off-year when it comes to elections, we have and will have a full election season for the year of 2009, especially on local levels across the Nation, also two governorships are up for election, and four special congressional elections across the Nation - by Democrats who have been chosen to serve in the administration.

March 31st 2009 -
In a special election between Republican Jim Tedisco and Democrat Scott Murphy, in a district which Gillibrand won by a 62-38 margin during the 2008 election, Murphy won by just 700 votes, as Tedisco the strongest Republican possible to run in the race - almost became the first Republican to win this district in any election, which voted for Obama in 2008, Gillibrand in 2008 & 2006, Clinton in 2006, Spitzer in 2006, and Schumer in 2004 - so the GOP is making inroads back into this district, which has leaned liberal the past four years.

April 7th 2009 -
In a special election in Chicago Illinois, a very Democrat district, Democrat candidate Michael Quigley defeated Republican Rosanna Pulido by a wide expected margin, which was really just a token campaign by Pulido.

May 5th 2009 -
In the Detroit Mayoral election, dominated by all Liberal Democrats, which is why Detroit is in the mess it is in - a Democrat ruled city for the last 300 years, elected former Basketball player Dave Bing by two thousand votes.

May 19th 2009 -
In a Primary election in the 32nd congressional district in California, the Democrat failed to gain enough votes to win the congressional seat without a runoff election, but a runoff election will be held on July 14th, the Republican Betty Tom Chu will face off against liberal Judy Chu.

Also : California has another election in a liberal district, that should take place sometime this spring or early Summer, in the 10th congressional district.

2009 Elections :

Virginia has a Governor's election ongoing, with the Republican Attorney General Bob McDonnell leading all three possible Democrat opponents easily as of May 20th, the Democrat leading the primary vote - is one that McDonnell is leading by ten points, meaning we have a good chance in Virginia in November.

New Jersey also has a Governor's election, with incumbent disaster Jim Corzine running against either Republican's Steve Lonegan or Christopher Cristie, both leading Corzine by good margins in the polls, however Cristie is winning by near double digits, and is expected to win the Primary easily. Meaning a Republican could finally win this state back.

In summary :

The Republicans can now win two states back, bringing the Governor total to 26-24, barely in Democrat control, and the 2010 elections are expected to bring a lot of Republican victories in states such as New York & Massachusetts, so we will have an energetic November 2nd this election day, as we might see the beginning of the GOP revolution this upcoming November.

Goodluck to all Republican & Conservative candidates!

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