Monday, May 18, 2009

Toilet Democrat Governors club.

As I noted yesterday, the list of corrupt/idiotic Democrats who have hurt their state in one way or another is numerous, I mentioned a few names, and I have decided to expand that list (Just ones that I know of, I will do a complete list later this week) :

Governor Pat Quinn - Illinois.
Governor Deval Patrick - Massachusetts.
Governor Jennifer Granholm - Michigan.
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger - California (he is not a Republican, not one issue).
Governor Jon Corzine - New Jersey
Governor Bill Richardson - New Mexico, corruption.
Governor David Paterson - New York.
Governor Ed Rendell - Pennsylvania.
Governor Tim Kaine - Virginia.
Governor Christine Gregoire - Washington (1. Democrat cronies stole the Governor election in 2004 & she is a radical anti-business, and even has given newspapers (political allies) a tax break bailout).
Governor Dave Freudenthal - Wyoming (suggested his wife for a judgeship position).

11 Democrat Governors from simple research prove to be corrupt and apart of the Toiled Democrat Governors Club, more research could and will reveal more.

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