Monday, May 25, 2009

God Bless our Troops - Memorial day 2009.

In 233 years as a Nation, America has had to fight for freedom & survival of both herself & the world from forces of evil around the entire world, from the empires of Britain to the terrorists of the Middle East.

Memorial day was first put in place after the Civil war, to honor the ultimate sacrifice of Union soldiers, this has been expanded to honor fallen heroes from all American wars - from the American Revolution, to the Iraqi war.

Even during a time when Americans are deeply divided over National Security issues, we are overwhelmingly pro-United States troops in every aspect, and we honor the sacrifice of those great American soldiers.

On this Memorial day, we should observe a number of things :

Our soldiers are the greatest force of good & freedom in the world.

Our soldiers have fought & died against all forms of evil, and have always been followed by victory.

Our soldiers are the bravest of the world, the strongest of all men, yet the most humble of them all.

Our soldiers are respectful & respected, even though various formats of media & politicians have attacked them constantly - for doing their job, and fighting America's battles.

All American soldiers should be honored, including the soldiers who fought with the Confederacy during the Civil War, as they were Americans as well.

Our soldiers fight for freedom, honor those that are worthy, respect all that are respectable, answer to generals, and are the greatest team in the world.

While we will debate National security, the economy, the ever increasing size of government, the corrupting of values & Morales, the attack on Christians, Conservatives, Michael Savage, and the Constitution. Today is a day to honor our fallen heroes, not because we have to or we are required to, but because we want to & need to.

God Bless our Troops!

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